How do we book you for our wedding?

Get in touch with me to check if your date is free, I am more than happy to meet up and show you my albums and chat about your wedding photography for your big day.  Then I require a booking form to be completed and signed with a retainer of £300 to secure your wedding date.

How would describe your photo style?

I love bright and natural images. I edit all images as true to real life, except for a few creative images, which I may edit for impact or mood. I also shoot documentary images along with a small amount of directed family and bridal images, relaxed and editorial respectively.

Do you shoot in Colour or Black and White?

I shoot everything in Colour and choose some images to be edited in Black and White for the mood. Any Colour image can be changed into Black and White.

How would describe your work style?

I am a natural people person so I am easy to work with and very approachable. I bring a ‘can do’ attitude to weddings and great humour which make people relaxed. I dress like a guest so I will not stand out in your wedding day.

Can I customise a collections based on my needs?

I have 4 base collections Essential, Elegance and Exquisite, if you need something more bespoke just get in touch.

What travel costs are covered?

I am happy to travel up to 75 miles from Belfast without extra charge. If your wedding is further away let me know when enquiring.

Do you have backup equipment?

I shoot with Canon cameras and have done for the duration of my career. I carry backup camera bodies and lenses to cover every eventuality.

Are you insured?

I have public indemnity and liability insurance.


Wedding day

Can I give you a specific list of shots I’d like from my wedding?

Yes, at our pre-wedding meeting I will go through family groups, detail images and any other images you would like. I’ll aim to get these images where possible.

What happens if you can’t make it to my wedding day due to emergency or illness?

I am a full member of the Professional Photographers Association of Northern Ireland and have the support of over 40 photographers who cover weddings in these situations. Keep in mind this is a rare case for any photographer.

Is it okay if guests take photos while you are taking photos?

Totally, your guests are family and friends so I have no issue at all. I do like to take a couple away for a short time for some intimate images and with no-one to distract them.

What happens if it rains?

I’m used to working on changing conditions, many locations have a various options for bad weather.

Do we need to feed you on the wedding day?

I do not ask to be fed but need to know whether you are feeding me or not so I can make arrangements. If you are feeding me, bar food is enough though we are happy to sit in the main room if you wish.


Post wedding

How long after the wedding will we receive our proofs, our digital images and our album?

I aim to have proofs back within  3 weeks and edited images within 3 weeks after that. Sometimes I am faster and sometimes a little late depending on wedding season. Album delivery varies but after design sign off (for Elegance and Exquisite) the albums are back from Italy between 2 to 6 weeks.

How many images do we get from our wedding?

I focus on curating a great wedding story for our couples and deliver a selection of around 450 to 750 photos depending on the length of coverage, access to locations and weather.